Lesson Delivery

Because I work AND homeschool our situation is a bit different than most. When I first went back to work the  Bugs went to my SIL’s home everyday. She runs an in-home daycare. I simply wrote out what I wanted each bug to accomplish each day and included the work in “packets”. This kept them busy. My SIL was available to help but she did not guide their lessons – she had a day care to run.

I supplemented lessons nights and weekends, and of course our philosophy that school never ends – we school 365 days a year is still going strong!

Now we have moved and live with my brother. I work 1 mile from home and bringing the kids to my SIL’s day care is not practical. The Bugs stay home with Uncle – but school runs much in the same way. He makes sure they don’t kill each other and is available for basic guidance, but he is not in charge of overseeing lessons.

I think my kids – SELF SCHOOL. This is not for everyone, but it works for us.

To guide our day to day operations in the most organized manner, I spend a bit of time each weekend posting lessons for each child to their very own blog. You can schedule the posts to appear each morning. The Blogs are private and only the Bugs and I can see the posts. Each day is outlined with exactly what I want done, Including the links to the lessons, etc.

Here is an example of what I have for the week for Lauren:

She is in charge of the pacing for the most part. Because we have been doing this for several years, this really isn’t new.

On Friday after work I check everything and we discuss.

Blog Post: 
It’s time to get back to school. I hope you have a great week of Learning Activities.


This week for State Studies we are in New York!

Visit New York: (A link to the activity would appear here) 



Also complete the worksheets about Bears.

ART: Claude Monet

Complte the lapbook pages for Monet.


Vocabulary Word of the Day

Use a new page every day. Copy the word into your notebook. Copy the sentence into your notebook. Highlight the word of the day. Copy the definition, and the synonyms/antonyms or other information given.  Complete the Word Work as directed.


embark (verb)

Dorothy and Toto embark on a journey to find the Wizard.

Embark means to begin a trip or a journey, often on a ship, a train, or a plane.

Synonyms: start off, launch, set out

Think about what it would be like to embark on a trip around the world. Then
copy and complete the following sentence:

Before I embark on my trip to [destination], I will…
Bon voyage!


bolt (verb)

When the starting bell rings, the racehorses bolt from the gate.

Bolt means to run away suddenly or to dash off quickly.

Synonyms: sprint, take flight, dart, rush

There are different reasons to bolt. Complete the three-column chart to describe
situations in which someone or something would bolt.

 Bolt in fear
 Bolt in excitement
 Bolt for other reasons


cease (verb)

Cease that drumming, Steve, or you’ll wake the baby,” Dad warned.

Cease means to put an end to or to stop—right now!

Antonyms: commence, initiate

Suppose you wanted to get someone to cease doing something—right now! What might
you say to the person? List five different words or expressions that might do the trick.


procrastinate (verb)

If you procrastinate any longer, you’ll miss the school bus.

To procrastinate is to delay or put off doing something you know you
should do simply because you don’t want to do it.

Did You Know?
Procrastinate comes from the Latin pro, which means toward or forward, and cras, which
means tomorrow. If you procrastinate, you push something ahead toward tomorrow.

Think about times lately when you have procrastinated. Did your
procrastination result in your missing something? Write a letter to
Father Time. Tell why you procrastinated and what happened.

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