Learning isn’t always book work!

The official curriculum of the Gandara Bug Academy for the 2008 – 2009 school year is the Magic Tree House series of books by Mary Pope Osbourne. We are still exploring the Medieval Times of Knights and Castles…but sometimes the bugs have their own ideas and we just GO FOR IT!!! Last week Megan was working hard on some folded paper thingy- so I asked her what it was… It’s an invitation to Quacker’s Birthday she replied… Oh Quackers is having a birthday??? (news to me!) But we went with it- I mean why NOT… Megan made invitations with a picture of Quackers on the out side and the words: HAPYBURSDA on the inside… for those of you wondering it says: Happy Burst Day – think of haow a child would say it and think it is spelled. She planned the menu ( a Tea Party) and had games all planned… I made a quick run to the store for some przes and cupcake mix and the Party was ON!

Here Megan scoops cupcake mix into the mini muffin pan to make “crumpets”. The party Guests – Lauren, Megan, Douglas and our cousin Ethan… Molugin (mulligan) Kode, (Kody), Smoke (Smokey), and Tigr (Tiger) were also invited… Momma and Ant Anna (not a typo – that’s how Megan spelled it) came to the party as well.

The Birthday Girl, Quackers was turning 4.

Here she is munching her crumpets!

Now Megan has a good feel for Party Planning- a skill I’m sure she will use a lot in life. The event did create somewhat of a snowball effect because The next day I found more invitations…. Come to Buloney’s Party…. I laughed and told Lauren we’d indeed celebrate Bull’s birthday – just how about in February!

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