Kid inventors day

Happy Kid Inventors Day — also called K.I.D. January 17th is a special day. It is the birthday of Benjamin Franklin who invented the first swim flippers at age 12! Mr. Franklin went on to invent many more things (perhaps you can research what they were) as well as become an important statesman in American history. Here is a FREE organizer you can use for this research:

Research Organizer Worksheet for Kid Inventors Day

Kids have brilliant minds, and today is a day to celebrate that. There are no limits on inventions. I bet you have a great idea. I know I would love an automatic laundry folder!

Rube Goldberg was an inventor and a cartoonist. He is famous for drawing cartoons that contained inventions that solved simple problems in the most over complicated – outrageous ways. The main character of these cartoons was named Professor Butts. Today we call these inventions Rube Goldberg Machines. Mr. Goldberg drew over 50,000 cartoons over his life. Around the globe contests are held for the best “Rube Goldberg” Machines!

Take some time to check out his Zany Cartoons in the Rube Goldberg Gallery

Perhaps you will be inspired to create your own Rube Goldberg Machine. If it does fold laundry, will you let me know?

When you do have a true and unique invention, designed to solve a problem, many inventors – even kids seek what is called a PATENT. This protects the invention from being produced by another inventor for a period of 20 years. Even kids can be granted patents!

Visit the United States Patent & Trademark Website. They have an awesome section just for kids and teens.

Learn about the process and meet other Kid inventors like you!

Amazon has books on inventors, some are just about inventors in general and some are biographies. This is a fun one that covers all interest levels:

Brainstorm is filled with 20 stories of only KID inventors!

Today is a day for creating, even if it’s just THINKING about your invention because we don’t always have the exact supplies laying around the house for an automatic laundry folding machine… Begin by becoming inspired by other KID inventors, then brainstorm your own awesome invention. Use this great resource as a way to organize your thoughts.

If you would like to research 10 different Kid Inventors quickly and easily I put together this great resource for you! It uses QR codes you simply scan and read about or watch a short video about how these real kids solved real problems!

Then you can organize your research and determine how these inventions have impacted your life on a handy graphic organizer!

Head over to my TeachersPayTeachers store to check it out!

Way back in 2010 we celebrated Kid inventors day in a completely spontaneous way, check out that blog post: KID INVENTORS DAY 2010

I hope you are inspired to invent something on your own. (even like my kids – it had already been invented!) Come back again for another fun Homeschool Holiday to explore- because there is always something to learn!

With Love,

“Mrs. Crabtree”

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