It’s National You’ve Got Potential Month!

Of course it is…everyone knows that right??? Ha ha — well, here at the GBA we found out today! After a great discussion about using the gifts God has given us, growing up – getting jobs and otherwise becoming productive members of society, the bugs had an assignnment:
Draw yourself, grown up, doing the job you want to do. Tell me what you need to do to accomplish this goal. Here is what they came up with:
Megan wants to be a Rock Star. In order to become a rock star she needs to warm up her voice and learn to play the guitar.

Lauren wants to be an Artist. In order to become an artist Lauren wrote she needs to go to coilgge ( take a stab at that, lol- college). She also needs to practice drawing pictures.

Douglas is going to make animals like him, go to college and study the sea. After that he will be a “Big Baboo” trainer. For those of you who do not know, Big Baboo is Douglas’ stuffed buddy – an Orca whale like Shamu.

These drawings are going into our 2010 time capsule – I don’t want to rush time, it already goes by so fast, but I cannot wait to open this and see the bugs laugh and laugh at theri drawings. Won’t it be neat to see if any of them do walk down these paths???

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