It’s my First Pandemic, How About you?

I know it’s really hard to get away from the subject, so perhaps the LAST place you want to read about the pandemic is in my joy-filled education newsletter. It may be worth it – I have my quirky way about things  if you will stick with me!

Back to school time is an EXCITING TIME – and it should be! No matter what! 

The topic of every news broadcast, Facebook post, Instagram feed and Twitter birdie tweet seems to be revolving around the old Shakespearean issue – to send them back or not send them back! These are real issues, but they are grown up issues. Kids want to get back to school, home school, and see their friends just as much as we want to get back to work, go to Disneyland, and see our friends. The thing with kids is they don’t process decisions like adults do. Darn, even adults are having a tough time with this one… normally we have a stockpile of experience to lean on.  

Flash back to March… I am recalling a story told by a wise friend who spent hours on the phone in the beginning of the pandemic. When she was ending the call she thanked the customer service representative many times, was kind (as she always is) and very gracious for the help she received. The customer service representative almost choked on her own reply, not quite knowing how to reply in kind as well… she said something of the nature to my friend: You are being so nice, I haven’t really been much help. Everyone is being so rude and angry. My friend replied – well- this was her FIRST pandemic, so how many pandemics had she, the customer service representative experienced? After a little laugh – The customer service representative conceded – it was indeed her FIRST pandemic as well! 

That’s just it folks! Unless by some alien DNA you were alive during the “Spanish Flu” outbreak… this is OUR FIRST PANDEMIC! And navigating the decisions that keep coming at us day by day are a doozie. 

Not everything has be be the “Right:, or “Wrong”  way of doing it… sometimes we just have to figure it out – and that can be really H -A-R-D!

Including Back to School. 
Just remember as you discuss your plans to head back in whatever form, make the ABSOLUTE best of it. The Back to school Fairy should ABSOLUTELY pay your home a visit. (Read a bit more about her on the blog. She’s the tooth fairy for school supplies!) A new outfit, or new to you outfit, or something from the dress up bin! Whatever it takes… Help you learner see the plan as THE BEST THING EVER. 

If you will be homeschooling for the first time – or continuing the journey, I hope you read 
8 Things to Help When You’re Overwhelmed

If you are looking for a few ideas for making that first day special here are a few: 

Take your First Day School Picture, now it is especially important. Mix it up. Take the picture in Pajamas, before getting dressed, or include the computer in the photo, rather than the backpack! 

Drive around the block and come back home. (Or drive through the golden arches for breakfast – something you wouldn’t do ordinarily!) 

Incorporate a  fun activity like our Oreo Cookie Bundle:  
Hold an Oreo taste test, then use the leftovers to see who can make the highest stack!

Purchase the bundle in my Amped Up Learning store.


Whether you go back to school in person, are home distance learning, giving homeschooling a try or continuing a homeschool journey form years past, I’d love to hear what you do to make back to school special. Feel free to send me an email! 

– Mrs. Crabtree

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