It’s been 10 years! – Time to open the TIME CAPSULE!

In December of 2010 we created a time capsule. It was a simple bankers box. I don’t remember everything I put in it. On the outside it is covered with “warning” signs: Do not open until 2020! That’s in 3 days!

The Gandara Family Time Capsule

I know we filled out some sort of questionnaire and put it on the inside. I also know that I placed a duplicate copy of the same questionnaire in a file folder on the top of the box and it says: COMPLETE BEFORE LOOKING IN BOX.

The idea is to compare our answers and see all the changes 10 years have brought.

This is the paperwork in the file folder, I created these in 2010. I wasn’t very clever I guess.

I put the box in our garage in the same location as the Christmas Decorations, so I have seen the box every year for 10 years! I’m excited to gather together on New Years Day to open the box as a family. I hope you will come back to the blog and see what we discovered.

For now, you have PLENTY of time to create your own 2020 time capsule.

I created a FREE printable packet get you started. It includes “instructions” and ideas for your time capsule, a questionnaire for NOW and one for “later”.

sample page from time capsule packet

I don’t like to spend my days “wishing” but comparing the two pictures, it sure would be nice to have them that little again. I do very much enjoy my young adults (when they are home!)

I wish you blessings as the new year approaches! I hope you will share and follow our blog/website!

  • Christy

UPDATE: You can read about our Time Capsule REVEAL – what WAS in the box??? It was a lot of fun, I hope you decide to make one with your family!

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