Invite Mother Necessity over to your house!

The saying: “Necessity is the mother of invention” is proverb telling us that when we have a need or a problem, we naturally come up with solutions! These solutions are inventions! I think inviting “Mother Necessity” into our home and classroom encourages learners to think for themselves rather than to mimic our thoughts. Mother Necessity encourages little inventors and creativity to flourish!

In 1977 School House Rock first aired their catchy tune: Mother Necessity and highlighted progress in America. You can find the video on YouTube if you don’t own a copy of the set.

From the ABC School House Rock You Tube Channel – Mother Necessity

This video skims over inventions such as the Cotton Gin, Telegraph, Sewing Machine, Airplane, Steamboat and more! It makes a great springboard for discussion or further research. It also mentions Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor credited with making improvements to the light bulb so they could be more readily available to consumers, and the inspiration for the holiday I’d like to introduce today: National Inventor’s Day

National Inventors Day is Born!

National Inventors Day was first celebrated in 1983. Then President Ronald Regan chose February 11th because it is Thomas Edison’s birthday. This holiday provides us with the opportunity to celebrate great inventors worldwide. On some level everything around us is the result of an invention – someone tinkering around trying to find a solution to a problem. 

Crutches had already been invented, but these were different (somehow!)

Inventing doesn’t have an age limit as we know from National Kid Inventors Day. I’d like to say inventions don’t even have to be based in reality to begin with. Using a pile of paper tubes, craft sticks, cotton balls and masking tape to *invent* a robot to do the household chores is a great place to encourage critical thinking!

By reading about, watching documentaries and exploring topics on their own, learners come to realize inventions are sometimes a brand new, never before seen item, or they are an improvement on something that already exists. Both are valuable contributions to society and should be honored and encouraged.

Resources to help encourage an inventors mindset

Homeschool Holiday has several products for you to explore the spirit of invention, beginning with Thomas Edison: Informational Text QR code activity with Lapbooking/Notebooking elements as well as a Light Bulb Shape Book.

This is the perfect addition to our informational text series in which we explore the life of Florence Nightingale and Benjamin Franklin. Each have both informational text worksheets and video links to appeal to multiple learning styles.

If you would like to inspire by exploring Kid inventors be sure to grab this resource! Your learners get to find out about the Popsicle, trampoline and MORE. All 6 inventors in this resource were 18 or under at the time of there invention, showing us that invention has no age limit!

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