Incorporating Holiday of the Day into your day (START HERE)

Although our name is “Homeschool” Holiday of the Day – let’s be real…this stuff is for everyone. Home Educators, Teachers, and Parents who want to supplement their child’s education. There is no WRONG way to educate as long as it is the RIGHT fit for your family! Here are some ideas for how you can use the ideas found on Homeschool Holiday of the day in your home or classroom – you can even use them if you are a car- schooler 🙂 (Yes that’s a thing!)


Christy’s three “bugs” during their home school days.

Holiday of the Day can be one of your daily “Subjects” or it can be your entire curriculum depending on the age (s) of your children. Complete all the suggested activities to fill the majority of your day, or pick just one to highlight.


Mrs. Gandara (AKA Christy) demonstrating her “Super Teaching Powers” for a classroom of students.

Use the Holiday of the Day as morning work, or “What to do When I’m Done” activities. Depending on your standards they can also easily be incorporated into many language arts curriculum standards.


Good friends of Christy who participated in monthly field trips to supplement their children’s traditional schooling.

Choose 1 or 2 holidays a week, or even 1 or 2 a month to “Celebrate” together as a family. Celebrate as close to the actual day a possible, but there are no real rules… just celebrate and learn!

Let’s homeschool together.