I work. I home school. I struggle.

…I know, teachers only work 190ish days a year. I just had a fantastic 2 week break…but as I sit here and listen to my children as they work on their schoolwork, fighting, crying, getting distracted… I question for the millionth time if I am doing the right thing!

My kids are 99% on there own for school – I plan the day, they follow the plan. There is no one constantly monitoring their focus, or their progress. In fact, most nights I’m too tired to even check their work. This is not what I envisioned when I started this journey called Home Schooling — but it is my reality.

They are learning, I know they are. But I want to be more involved. So i am going to actively seek solutions. Perhaps mini lessons 2 nights a week. Perhaps a full day of lessons on the weekends – or more structured field trips. The soultion to my frustration is out there – and it will help me in my resolution of finding contentment in my life.

There have got to be more families that both work outside the home and home school. I’m not alone, but some days I feel like I am.

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