Humble Beginnings…and an EPIC giveaway!

Homeschool Holiday is built around my love of holidays, celebrating and making memories. Our “origin story” began Christmas 2009, when my homeschooled children did not want to take down the Christmas tree. This sparked the idea to design all our learning moving forward for 2010 around the holiday of the day. We decorated a mini table top Christmas tree for the big, well known holidays, but each day our learning would be different and new. I spent from January 26th until January 1st figuring out our plan for January… and launched from there! I researched books, movies, activities – whatever for each day. Our family scrapbook is filled with delightful pictures of that school year, more than any other year because of the special events and lessons we were using. My now grown children STILL talk about that special year (and our Disney Schooling year which followed in 2011) more than ANY other year (s) of homeschooling!

Parenting, Teaching, Mentoring… they are all about building relationships – forming connections. Holidays bring us closer as humans. Homeschool Holiday is designed to bring that into your home or classroom on a regular basis.

When I first began writing curriculum I was a brand new teacher. The curriculum, aka text books, I was “supposed” to use were not “quite right”. I noticed gaps, and my students were asking questions and seeking more information. I needed to research and supplement the basic textbooks. Some of it was downright boring. Very early in my teaching I had a class that seemed to come alive each time I spoke about myself and my interests – including my “crush” on a particular baseball player. (Hey – I wasn’t married yet!)

When Spring training started that year I decided to “Theme” some learning in my class surrounding Baseball. I had things I was supposed to teach, but no real “standards” forcing my hand like we do now. So I took my lessons and I made 5 different baseball themed activities. One for each day of the week. I split my class into 5 groups and we rotated through the activities, like primary classrooms did centers. The activity that stands out in my mind the most was called “Map the Majors”!

The students had a blank map of the US and a list of Major League Baseball teams. The students had to look up each team IN AN ENCYCLOPEDIA (there was no internet in schools!) and mark on the map where the team played. My students were completely engaged! I saw excitement for learning in ways I had never seen when I taught using the textbooks. Each year I began to add more and more of my own lessons and step away from the textbooks. By my last year in the classroom, the only textbook used was Math. Everything else was designed by other like minded educators or myself. I was BLESSED to work in a school that trusted my methods of connecting with students through curriculum in this way.

The “original” Map the Majors curriculum now available from Homeschool Holiday.
No Encyclopedias Needed!

I realize as I have taken Homeschool Holiday to market that I continue to write curriculum “for myself”… I write curriculum I would use in my home or classroom. The reality is… My last homeschooler is a senior in High School… he may be interested in one or 2 items, but not many. I am no longer working in a classroom, facing the day to day realities of an educator. I need to write curriculum for YOU!

The homeschool family

The classroom teacher

The parent who want’s to supplement

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Thank you for your feedback and we hope your Educational Journey is Blessed!

Mrs. Crabtree

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