How much does it cost to Homeschool? The answer might surprise you!

How much does Homeschooling cost?

My answer might surprise you… then again, it might not.

I’m not going to discuss the cost in terms of finances, I’m going to discuss the cost in terms of actual life cost required now or in the long run… as stated by Thoreau….

If the actual financial cost is what is worrying you, we will cover that another time. There are plenty of free resources out there, it doesn’t have to cost a thing financially to homeschool!

Kids spend 6.5 hours a day, 180 days a year in school. Do the math. It’s staggering. Their entire childhood is traded away sitting at a desk. That’s pricey.

As a former classroom teacher, I’m sorry to say that’s not all spent learning. A lot of those hours are recess, lunch and wasted time. Jane and Johnny have to be allowed to go to the bathroom whenever they ask after all. I had a file full of doctors notes that said so.

Not to mention how much time is wasted quieting a class or transitioning from subject to subject? What about the interruption when students arrive late or leave early.

In a class of 30 students, this is a DAILY occurrence. These are just a few of the external “costs” involved in sending your child to school. I didn’t even mention behavior disturbances or phone calls from the office….

If they are struggling with schoolwork for ANY reason. That’s pricey.

Bullying – I actually don’t like that term. I think kids need to learn how to deal with kids, but seriously – I watched teacher after teacher ignore issue after issue. Kids should feel safe and loved, end of discussion. I spent the last 5 years of my career in charge of “discipline”. I took a different approach, called my self the student support coordinator. It was beautiful how open the lines of communication were. Not all schools are war-zones.

Another common “cost” is to the students who are excelling and have to sit and wait while the teacher explains things for the 10th time. As a teacher I could just hand them another worksheet, or the iPad…or I could use them as peer tutors (which was what I actually did! – valuable, but not ideal!)

As a homeschool family, by the time my children were in late elementary, middle school… We finished our lessons before lunch and had all afternoon for what I called free choice learning. Talk about the price being right! We jam packed more learning into one day as a homeschool family than I did in a week as a classroom teacher. (Well, I might be exaggerating a bit to make my point, but we did finish a full day in AT LEAST half the time!)

We didn’t have “homework”, but instead we had family time for “hidden” learning in puzzles, games, reading and educational television. Cooking dinner together is quite an education.

A little round of Star Wars Monopoly – great homeschool lessons here!

As a classroom teacher, each year I received a new class of students. I invested countless hours getting to know each of them, forming personal connections to foster a positive learning environment. Just as things were going smoothly, my 180 days were up and I was forced to turn the class over to the next teacher in line whether the students were ready or not. Whether the teacher was competent or not. Summer passes, and I did it all over again.

With homeschooling I already HAVE the connection with my children and we moved along naturally when ready, and never before. No calendar or testing agenda dictated progression. (I homeschooled by filing my own PSA – Private School Affidavit. Results with a charter may vary, but are still similar) I grew WITH them 365 days a year because learning never stops. We didn’t take summers “off” but instead shifted our learning with the seasons.

Summer time Volleyball in the back yard

From this perspective, the cost of homeschooling is priceless! I am trading my days, nights and holidays for the complete education of my family.

The only cost of homeschooling is your time! Investing in my children has been worth every minute. You don’t have to do it alone!

Enrolling in the Happy Hive Private School Satellite Program (PSP) frees you up to worry about all the GREAT things involved in homeschooling and we will take care of the paperwork and legalities! You will be operating your school- your way, with the guidance of a fully credentialed teacher.

Our services include taking care of requesting cumulative files…official letters of withdrawal as well as help selecting curriculum and transitioning through what we call de-schooling. (or un-schooling).

Check out our information page : Happy Hive Education Consulting

Feel free to contact us with any questions and take a look at the video where Mrs. Crabtree talks about the “Cost of Homeschooling” for more great information!

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