How an Origami Fortune Teller can beat boredom.

November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the United States. I want to introduce you to another holiday that spreads peace and brings joy: World Origami Day. Today I have a FREE Origami Fortune Teller for you as an easy introduction to this ancient art of paper folding. Our Thanksgiving Fortune Teller is designed to help you and your child experience gratitude activities TOGETHER!

History of paper folding

In Japan, the paper crane is a symbol of peace. I think that is a beautiful connection to our military Veterans. Paper folding is an activity that is ageless. Practicing Gratitude something our family focuses on in November in earnest, but practices all year. The Thanksgiving Fortune Teller allows you to combine the two together in an authentic way. Begin by talking briefly about the word origami:


The word origami comes from two Japanese words: oru (to fold) and kami (paper). Paper was invented in China about 105 AD then brought to Japan in 6th century by Monks. 

At its earliest stages, paper folding was only for religious or ceremonial purposes. Paper was a luxury item. By the 1800s paper folding is recreational and kindergarten children in Europe and Japan learn what is now the ART of paper folding. 

Anyone can create Origami by folding a square piece of paper into a shape without using glue.

Fortune Tellers – Easy Origami!

One of the easiest Origami pieces to include into your day is the Origami Fortune teller! This is where Homeschool Holiday comes in.

This fun activity for kids is sure to be a boredom buster. In honor of World Origami day, Homeschool Holiday is offering our Thanksgiving / Gratitude “Fortune Teller” printable as a free download. It comes with a free bonus gratitude worksheet your learners can use with or without the fortune teller. Designed to get the family involved, the activities on this Fortune Teller are sure to inspire an “Attitude of Gratitude” in each family member. The ideas are not necessarily new or unique – but rather tried and true, down to earth ways for families to bond and serve each other and their community. Donate toys, make lists and create crafts are among some of the activities suggested by the “fortune teller”. There are 8 different activities including filling out the “is grateful” worksheet.

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Fortune Teller FREE Download for Origami Day

Getting access to your Free Copy of the Thanksgiving Fortune Teller is quick and easy – all you need to do is CLICK HERE and sign up for our Curriculum Club. The Curriculum Club is FREE and membership gives you access to our EXCLUSIVE Members only area where we have plenty of FREE printables – including Today’s Origami Activity. You will also receive our Happy Hive Newsletter once a month with the latest in holiday curriculum as well as practical teaching ideas for both home and classroom. 

Paper folding tips: 

Making strong creases by using your thumbnail, a bone folder, or the handle of your scissors. 

It’s ok to start over. Paper folding takes time. 

Not just a game, educational too

Fortune Tellers, or Cootie Catchers are great boredom busters. Use them as a “break” from technology as well as a way to improve communication and fine motor skills. Fortune tellers are played with a partner or alone. Homeschool Holiday offers a MEGA SET of 16 different Fortune Tellers for holidays as well as academics. At just $3.00 for the set you pay less than 20 cents for each! There are bonus activities and a blank DIY template included for unlimited fun. 

If you are not familiar with how fortune tellers work, be sure to check out my quick video of our “pirate” themed Fortune Teller HERE. 

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