Homeschooling through the Holidays

If my  estimation is correct right about now you are sitting in one of 2 positions: Something isn’t working and you need to make a change OR things are going splendidly and you are ready to “add something new” into the mix. 

A word of caution I give to all my homeschool clients as well as to the teachers I have mentored over the years – DON’T make any changes after Halloween  until you get to January… just let the “holiday season” ebb and flow with what you are already doing. 

If something is failing miserably and you and one of your children’s relationships are suffering, by all means, stop the activity – but do not feel obligated to replace it with something else. Let the holidays do that naturally. You are going to get busy with shopping (even if it is online), meal prep, housekeeping and decorating. These activities should fill in your gaps naturally and bring you peace and joy. Go ahead and let the holidays “BE” school – Plan a fun holiday themed activity for each day like a holiday advent calendar.

(This easy advent /countdown calendar is available in my ETSY SHOP)

One of our favorite traditions is to listen to the old radio show called : The Cinnamon Bear. There are 26 episodes  one each day from Thanksgiving until Christmas – each episode is roughly 15  minutes and perfect for the beginning, middle or end of your day. I even used it in my classroom and “doubled up” as needed to make up for weekends and when we were on break. Classrooms don’t have all 26 days consecutively, so I have also included a master link so you can simply do your own calculations for how many to use each day to get you to your winter break.

Just listening is plenty activity enough, but as this month’s Curriculum Club Freebie I have A calendar of episodes and 5 Free coloring pages for you to coordinate with the Cinnamon Bear Radio Program.

Your learners can listen and color at the same time. It is also very easy to discuss character traits, kindness and make predictions after each episode if you are in need of more “academic” connections for a classroom setting. Use the backside of the coloring sheets for such writing activities.  

You can also simply make pies and measure ingredients, write a letter to Santa, or family members… paper garlands, cookies, and studying reindeer (caribou) are all great supplements to this busy time. When January arrives… batten down the hatches again, and go ahead and make those changes, add that new art lesson, or math drill to the mix…but in the meantime, cuddle up on the couch and drink some hot cocoa and see if the Cinnamon Bear is able to help Jimmy and Judy find their silver star! 

If you would like to purchase the full set of 40 Coloring pages, they are available for only $2.00 in both My Amped Up Learning and Teachers Pay Teachers Stores!

Happy Hive Homeschooling – Providing experiences for homeschoolers, classroom teachers and families because there is always something to celebrate!

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