Peek into the hive…Holidays and Ordinary ones!

The Write Stuff for learning to write!

As we celebrate National Handwriting Day I am pleased to highlight for you the line of Homeschool Holiday products designed to help learners develop their “John Handcock”, that is their signature! National Handwriting Day was started in 1977 by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association. They wanted people to use more pens, pencils, and writing paper. … Continue reading The Write Stuff for learning to write!

Second, Third, Hundredth thoughts….

Are you having second thoughts about homeschooling (or third, or even rethinking it for the hundredth time!)? I recently had a lesson in “how we homeschool” really sink in. It was a Karate lesson of all things. Who knew Karate could help me homeschool! Homeschooling is a BIG decision. I don’t have to say that twice! … Continue reading Second, Third, Hundredth thoughts….

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