Harry Potter Birthday Party

Megan turning 10 is Huge… Today’s Party was an EVENT to say the LEAST. My homeschool philosophy has always been “It takes a village”. This party was no exception. 
My scrapbook friend MO’D worked tirelessly on the decorations, pulling from her personal stash to make this all come together. Auntie EN sewed robes for all the child-guests, Daddy and I. and so much more… The “Big” birthdays are special and I want to thank you all for being her to celebrate with our Harry Potter Girl! 
As you entered the yard you did so through Platform 9 3/4 ….
   Then you were sorted by the SORTING HAT
  some decorations
 Honeydukes candy bar…
Megan and Uncle painted this sign together
Daddy and the Birthday Girl
Even Papa got sorted (He’s a Gryffendor)
Auntie E with her Robe shop
Painting owl ceramics – our good friend JB has her own ceramics business similar to the popular “color me mine, etc” . 
 Watch out for that wizard! 

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