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Reading and being read to give warm fuzzies all around. A key part of our Homeschool life was reading. Both family reading time, and independent reading time.

One of my favorite stories as a working homeschool mom occured when I came home from work one day… I asked each of my three bugs how school had gone (they had independent work to do while I was teaching at a private school). All three looked at me like a deer in the headlights…. sorry mom, we didn’t finish school today.

I was about to lose my mind, this had never happened. How on earth could all three of them have gotten into so much mischief that they didn’t finish school and how on earth didn’t Mr. McNutty (their Uncle that lives with us) discover they were so far off task????

I took a deep breath and told them to explain what had gone wrong….

“We were reading” they said in unison. SERIOUSLY??? Yes, all three had spent the ENTIRE day in their pajamas, reading books…. you see just the day before I had brought home the “scholastic book order” items they each ordered from my classroom fliers!

How could I get upset with that!?!

I am an Amazon Affiliate – but genuinely these books are recommended because they are favorites for home and classroom use. If you make a purchase using these links, I will receive a small commission. I sincerely appreciate that!

I have listed them in general age/grade level  – but many are appropriate across ages, especially as Family Read aloud books!

PreSchool/ Kindergarten

Any and all of the Clifford the Big Red Dog books:

All three of my bugs learned to read using the Clifford Phonics Fun books. There are 6 sets in the series. They can be a bit tricky to find, but worth it!

Bernstein Bears were always a great choice for teaching lessons.

First – Second Grades

As your children become emergent readers, books with repeating patterns that they can read to you are always a hit. Some of our favorites were:

A cozy reading area is always in style.

Third – Fifth Grades

I feel the Thorton Burgess Collection deserves a recommendation of it’s own. These stories are TREASURES beyond measure. They make the perfect Nature Studies, Family Reading Stories, Sick day stories… I can not recommend a book higher than these. We were blessed to receive many of them in the mail from a dear friend, then hunted used book stores for as many as we could find to help add to our collection. It was not long before every squirrel we came across was affectionately named “Chatterer” and Blacky the crow was chased away from the yard. If you make one purchase this should be it!

Sixth – Eight Grades

Books were a staple at the table…often the bugs did not want to stop reading and take time to eat.

I believe the Harry Potter Series also deserves it’s own highlight. All of my children have read the books multiple times, with my middle child topping out at 5 times each book. These books can be the reason a non-reader becomes a reader.
The ultimate fan… we went to a local bookstore that released the book at midnight. She began reading in the car on the way home.

High School

When you are choosing curriculum, do not forget that books play an important part in supplementing every subject! They can be the basis for your curriculum in a topic based curriculum, or they can be the backbone to the literature component in a subject by subject curriculum.

I really could go on and on at every level… but these were our FAVORITES. I hope they become favorites for you as well.

May your journey be blessed!

Mrs. Crabtree

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