Happy Australia Day!

January 26th is Austraillia Day – and thanks to my friend Kath, we had a fantastic experience! We started out with free exploration – the Bugs simply dug into the package Kath sent. There were too many squeels of glee to describe.

Mrs. Crabtree Started off the lessons with a map of the world – showing the bugs how far away Australia actually is. We also talked about the international Date line and the fact that it’s actually tomorrow in Oz!

Next each bug leafed through the travel brochures and picked a spot they wanted to visit. We circled their destinations on a map… Using each bugs’ color for easy identification. They had to cut out the picture and write a story about visiting the location. Douglas is all set to visit and asked quite frankly when we could do what HE picked. Hopefully someday!

Lauren chose a big Water Park in Lightning Ridge, Megan wants to hike a rainforest in New England National Park and Douglas found some rocks to climb in Armidale.
We ended our lessons (for today) with a Thank You note. Each bug had a favorite thing to be thankful for – and they wanted to send Mrs. Kath a picture.

Lauren was s thrilled when the tree frog book had a platypus – because she has this giant platypus she uses as a pillow.

Megan’s favorite item was the kangaroo key chain – she appropriaely named her’s Joey.

Douglas loved the flag and plans to hang his on his bed.
Another wonderful fun filled day at the Gandara Bug Academy! My heartfelt thanks goes out to Kath – whom I simply asked to send postcards – she donated so many educational things – we are truly blessed!

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