Halloween with the GBA!

I love Halloween these days… we have been focusing on creating costumes rather than buying them, and this year was another creative year!
Lauren, 7 years old… Miley Cyrus/Hanna Montana

This was a FUN costume to do with the “best of both worlds” options!
She was Miley during the day for our homeschool gathering and Hanna for the trick or treat festivities!

Lauren wore a new pair of jeans (and the only reason they are new is because the girl had the nerve to GROW!) and a “bling” decorated pink top… the jacket was a “dress up” item from Grandma Rosalia… all I bought was a blonde wig and the little microphone headset.

She looks great!

Douglas wanted to be his favorite cartoon network character – Ben 10. We saw a costume in the stores for over $30.00… and I knew I could make it. White t-shirt, black paint, some kakhi pants and wa-la = Ben 10! Douglas never was able to make the omnitrix transform him into an alien – but he keeps trying!

Megan had her heart set on being a witch. Score – A witch is such an easy costume to make – I even have black sheets I could have used… but my little girl wanted NOTHING to do with Mommy making the costume because she had seen one in the store and fell in love… sheet draping I can do – full on costume sewing, not so much — so I did purchase this witch costume for about $10 at K-Mart..it came with the hat, so score on that one! Megan’s daytime look was simple and “clean” – her night time look just added some green face paint for a more “witchy” appearance.

Here are my three cuties all together.

So my creativity does not end with the kids… since before Douglas was born, the buddies have dressed for halloween as well…

Left we have Quackers, the Snow Princess… Center we have Big Baboo the Cave Man (er, Cave Whale??), and on the Right we have Bulloney the Vampire – fangs and all!

I hope you all had a safe happy Halloween!

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