Got Talent?

At Homeschool Holiday, We like to say there’s always something to celebrate and indeed on celebrate your unique talent day that couldn’t be more true! I have a freebie for you to help you host an easy Easy Homeschool Talent Show!

Today is a day to celebrate your individuality and the gifts and talents that the children in your care have been given. 

Flashback Memory

I will never forget being an elementary school and hearing about auditions for a talent show. I decided to convince my brother who was 4 years younger than I am to audition with me. I don’t want to say that we didn’t have any talent but we weren’t the Osmonds. Lo and behold I decided we were going to sing Yankee Doodle. I loved the line about calling it macaroni. I don’t even know what “IT” is. 

Here I am with my brother – ready for school in the late 70’s… Don’t we just LOOK talented?

Let me see if I can share my vision with you… besides the obvious delight in singing about my favorite food: Macaroni…MY BROTHER WAS GOING TO BE THE HORSE, 

I was going to sit on him and sing the song…

I can’t tell you how wrong our audition went….the adults clearly didn’t see my vision…

I can’t even BELIEVE my mother let us audition with this hair brained idea…But alas, it is a cherished memory and shows how loyal and loving of a person my brother was.

Over the years I have nurtured other talents that have nothing to do with singing about macaroni or any other pasta product. My younger brother has also nurtured his talents. That’s the most important thing nurturing talents. 

Easy Modern Day Talent Show Solution!

I recently held a 10-minute talent show for a group of students I’m working with. They each displayed a different unique talent. There was no long preparation no drawn out auditions just pure joy in sharing something they loved, something they were proud of.  Wa la – Easy Homeschool Talent Show! This can be used in the classroom as well.

That’s the heart and soul of celebrate your unique talent day. 

Do you juggle? Sew? Color in coloring books? It doesn’t matter what you enjoy today is a day for sharing that unique talent with others.  (Dare I humble myself and share my talent of writing curriculum for homeschoolers and classroom teachers!)

If you’d like to put on an Easy Homeschool Talent Show or even something that may last a little longer Homeschool Holiday has your solution. 

In our exclusive members only area, we call it the Curriculum Club, you can download our free printable packet that coordinates with today is great holiday: Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day. 

The Talent Showcase packet contains everything you need for your Easy Homeschool Talent Show. There are ideas you can use for guiding learners to pick a talent they can share as well as Awards you can print & present them at the end of the show!

Not a member of the Curriculum Club yet? Signing up is easy and you’ll be a member in under 5 minutes flat. 

Just click the image below to sign up!

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Happy Hive Homeschooling – Providing experiences for homeschoolers, classroom teachers and families because there is always something to celebrate!

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