How to enjoy cartoons – Goofy’s First Cartoon Appearence

The fourth member of what is commonly referred to as the Sensational Six, is an awkward, but lovable Dog/Man named Goofy. Goofy’s first cartoon appearance was as Dippy Dawg in the cartoon Mickey’s Review on May 12, 1932. Goofy was older, but still annoyingly goofy…. He then became used quite often as a trio with Mickey and Donald.

The Famous Goofy Holler

In the 1940’s Goofy lost his voice (voice actor Pinto Colvig left Disney Studios). This prompted a hugely successful series starring Goofy called the “How to…series” In this series Goofy had little dialogue. A narrator communicates the action to the audience. Goofy shows viewers everything in his uniquely goofy style, how to do everything. The first of which being how to ski. This is the cartoon that gives us the famous Goofy Holler. The “How to” series of cartoons continue to bring enjoyment. How to Hook up Your Home Theater in 2007 is the last of the series.

Listen to the famous Goofy Holler

Goofy is also the star of 2 of his own movies: The Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie. These movies also feature Goofy’s Son – Max. Goofy and Pluto are the only 2 of the Sensational Six to be parents.

Goofy’s comic timing and lovable nature make him truly unique. He is forever an optimist regardless of how complicated a situation becomes (often because of Goofy’s own mishaps!) If he were to make a cartoon, How to Watch Cartoons… I believe it would be to just sit back and let them entertain you. That’s what Goofy does best!

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For each character there is a brief history, information about their first animated appearances as well as some fun facts. I have linked to the best quality version of the cartoons mentioned as possible, for educational / historic purposes only.

I have also included a brief explanation of the literary terms personification and anthropomorphism. This is aimed at older learners in grades 5 and above as all of the characters except Pluto are considered anthropomorphic.

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