Setting goals is a KEY component in our homeschool. Homeschooling is our life – everything we do is educational – really. Think about your own life, you do it too whether you homeschool, unschool, send you kids to private/public schools or some random combination of each of these educational philosophies… as humans every experience we have is one of learning… so at the end of the year, society joins in and makes goal setting (what is commonly called making a resolution) the ‘thing’ to do. GREAT – let’s do it!!!

I like to pick a word, or a short phrase as the foundation for my goal…

I struggled this year – honestly – I was dreaming of words and rolling over sleepless. What if I can’t think of one that is truly meaningful to me??? I really LOVE my attitude of Gratitude and the appreciation for little things that I have focused on in the past. I don’t want to let go of those… and POOF – it hit me. Making a new goal does not in anyway mean I have to stop living/fulfilling my past goals. Sometimes I can’t see the forest through the trees. I get trapped by over-thinking things. shh – don’t tell my husband 🙂

so here it is, my goal for 2012:


 I will keep my attitude of Gratitude from 2010 and my appreciation for the little things from 2011.

 Gratitude + Little Little Things = Contentment.

Happy new year – thank you for being part of my life!

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