Gift Giving for the New Year

We give gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Graduation, Retirement and sometimes “just because”. Have you ever considered the tradition of gift giving for the New Year. Apple Gifting Day is a easy, affordable remedy to your New Year gift giving dilemma!

History of Giving New Year Gifts

Gift giving for the New Year in Europe is a tradition that began before the time of Christ. It is said the Celtic druids and Romans gave mistletoe. The Romans even gave gilded coins, nuts, and coins with the picture of the god Janus. In England, before Victorian times, small gifts such as gloves or an orange with cloves, were given to family and friends on New Year’s Day. Traditions such as these were brought to the new world and continued for many years. These traditions were brought to America and continued there.

Why Apples?

When you think of giving apples as gifts, you may instantly think of Teachers. You are correct! The act of giving apples to teachers stems from pioneer times. In those days it was common for a teacher to receive gifts as payment. Apples were cheap and available in the fall when school began. The custom of giving Teachers apples continued even after they began receiving wages for their work.

It isn’t known how the gifting of Apples is now associated with the new year. Perhaps it is because the apple symbolizes love, bounty (as in a good harvest), good health (an apple a day keeps the doctor away), knowledge (teachers), beauty, and rebirth. Giving apples at the New year is the perfect way to wish your friends and family good health and a fruitful new year!

How to celebrate Apple Gifting Day

Celebrating Apple Gifting Day is as easy as securing some apples for your local orchard, farmer’s market or grocery store and packaging them up individually or in bundles. Curriculum Club Members can download and print our adorable APPLE GIFT TAGS.

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