Getting it All Done

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A Small reunion of former 4th Grade students.

These wonderful well adapted adults survived my early un credentialed years  filled with nick names and “no talking” days! 

I tell everyone who will listen what an awesome teacher I am. Seriously – I am over the top proud to mold little minds. I deeply believe I am following God’s Will in my life and I’m letting my light shine. I will homeschool anyone’s child -and have over the years. I solicit for little humans to come to my house so I can be their teacher in my awesome way. I’m not going to lie…it’s borderline boastful…. But in the same breath I will also admit my faults. (Those don’t take long ha ha!)

  Here I am with not one, but two 4th grade students that won the school spelling bee – I was the proudest teacher on campus, but freely admitted that I had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with their success! All I did was show up to the spelling bee.  

When I was deep in the throws of homeschooling we followed a bit of a routine. I thrive on structure and believe kids do too. It wasn’t strict, like math at exactly 8 am every day and I didn’t have a bell system ringing in my house, but we did have an order and routine. I still didn’t have enough time to get everything done. Social media was just in it’s beginning years and I resisted comparing myself to others, my kids WERE learning…but still I wondered if it would be enough. So I would try again tomorrow to get everything done…. 

It’s summer – but here I have crammed as many kids into my living room as possible. We are having a week long camp: “Camp Crabtree” so I can  *homeschool* my nieces, nephews  and friends’ kids.

In my classroom, I was required to follow the bell system and have a much more structured approach. For sure I would get it all done – right? (Can you hear the laughter?) 

When I needed more time for an epic science project – I scheduled it in. I honestly can’t tell you how many times one of the “special” teachers had to call my classroom because I was in the middle of teaching and forgot to send my  fourth graders to their class. I’d be embarrassed if that sort of thing embarrassed me.  I was BLESSED to have specialists to teach such classes as Art, Music, PE and computers to name a few – but I was always deep into whatever we were doing and lost track of time. 

After 15 years of classroom teaching and  handwritten as well as fancy online lesson planning – I never, even once got it all done. That’s right folks – Mrs. Awesome teacher never got it all done. Perhaps you know a secret I don’t or I’m not as Awesome as I think I am. 

Wonder Teacher – Aka Mrs. Awesome herself!

You can judge me or perhaps it makes YOU feel better about what’s going on in your home or classroom. Never finished the Math or Social Studies textbook. Never covered every 4th grade standard (or whatever grade I was teaching). I bet there was a day here and there that I accomplished the *day* as it was laid out – but I’m not sure I can prove that! I often wondered if it was even possible in 180 days to cover it “ALL”.  Every year I tried – believe me it was always going to be “this year”…but again, and again it never happened. 

Despite this fact, I still feel that I am indeed an AWESOME teacher and an even better Homeschool Mom and mentor. 

Twin Day with a former student. She was no longer in my class, but wanted to be MY twin. How cool is that!

Why? Maybe because we didn’t get it all done, but I did give my learners my LOVE, my TIME and my PASSION for the topics we were learning. 

My children (The Bugs) are in college and a High School Senior. I have students that I helped homeschool in similar situations, finishing their schooling, graduated – all right where they should be – regardless of what we “finished” in a day, week, or year.

Teacher of the Bride!  

Through social media I am in contact with many students that were educated in my classroom in one way or another.. Those that came early in my career when things were unpolished and very much by instinct and those that came a little later (through their parents) that had the pleasure of a teacher with more experience and were “homeschooled” in a classroom.  They all survived not finishing.

They share memories of EXPERIENCES, both when I was unpolished and when I was “experienced” and my LOVE, TIME and PASSION was enough for all of them! 

Each day as you begin, whether it’s in your home as a homeschool mom or in a classroom teacher, rather than focus on what you “need to get done” I encourage you to instead focus on sharing your LOVE, TIME and PASSION for learning and let the rest fall into place. 

Nothing needs to GET DONE ! 

May your educational Journey Be Blessed!

Mrs. Crabtree

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