Get ready for FUN with your Fruitcake!

December 27th is National Fruitcake Day

I’m sure the kids have PLENTY to keep them entertained with all the toys and activities they received as holiday gifts. But sometimes, it’s nice to take a break and set down the electronic gadgets and get back to some old- fashioned Fruitcake Fun when you celebrate National Fruitcake Day!

December 27th is the holiday celebrated as Fruitcake Day. I believe it should be celebrated at least once in every household. When you host a Fruitcake Day event, even on a small scale, it will be remembered for years to come. Ours sure is still discussed to this day!

Two great Fruitcake Fun Holidays

Back in 2010, Fruitcake Toss Day (January 3rd) was one of the first major events of our “Holiday Curriculum”. I began my year of “Holiday schooling” with the new year, not the -school year- because for us, it made sense… As a result we *skipped* Fruitcake Day and meshed both into one main event. You can do that too, or you can EASILY celebrate BOTH cool days with our Homeschool Holiday Fruitcake Fun Curriculum.

How to have some Fruitcake Fun!

To celebrate Fruitcake Day (December 27th) begin with a bit of history of the fruitcake. Use the FUN FACTS You can find in our FRUITCAKE ACTIVITY PACK, or there is a quick overview in THIS POST from 2019. Depending on the ages of your learners, that may be enough, or you can certainly assign additional research.

Informational Text page from the FRUITCAKE FUN ACTIVITY PACK CURRICULUM. The activity pack does not contain the image over the text 🙂

The next thing I recommend to celebrate Fruitcake Day – is , well – FRUITCAKE! You can make your own or use store bought. Just the act of making fruitcake can be celebration enough. It is quite an involved process. If you are an experienced baker, that’s the way to go. I’m more along the lines of quick and easy. Our activity pack contains an easy to follow recipe for “Fruitcake Cookies” that make a nice treat. Perhaps you ran out of time to make neighbor gifts? Save the day and wish them a “Happy Fruitcake Day” with these yummy cookies!

Recipe for Fruitcake Cookies

Use the cookies, store bought fruitcake, or perhaps a fruitcake you were gifted or made earlier in the holiday season and hold a fruitcake tasting event. The pictures alone from an event like this can be priceless. The activity pack has a graphing activity related to surveying friends and family about their OPINION of fruitcake. It includes an area for “never tried”, so phone calls and text messages are a great way to add data to your family results!

A priceless reaction to tasting fruitcake for the first time.
Fruitcake Fun Opinion Graphing

Another quick, academically rooted activity I love in this packet is the single sheet Fruitcake Day copywork and coloring page. It comes ready to uses in three different styles, Trace, Print and Cursive. The fruitcake coloring page is the same on each style. Print as many of each style as you need for the learners in your care.

Save some fruitcake for January 3rd

After you have completed these activities, be sure to save some fruitcake, or purchase new for January 3, Fruitcake toss day. This holiday is fun for all ages, especially those who didn’t like the fruitcake when they tasted it! You can read all about our celebration in THE POST from 2019.

Grab the Fruitcake Fun Activity Pack

When you purchase the FRUITCAKE FUN ACTIVITY PACK it contains everything you need for BOTH holidays. You’ll get the Fruitcake Fun Facts, the cookie recipe, graphing activities for BOTH DAYS, copywork and fun fruitcake toss themed awards. There is a fun target included in the activity pack so you’ll have everything in one convenient download. The target is also available FREE – keep reading to find out how to download your copy today!

This Fruitcake Fun Activity Pack contains activities for BOTH Fruitcake Day (December 27th) and Fruitcake Toss day (January 3rd).

Fruitcake Freebie for Curriculum Club Members!

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You can download this TARGET (without watermarks) to use for Fruitcake Toss day!

Just click the image below to sign up!

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