G.I. Joe Day – February 1st

Barbie remains possibly the best known doll of all time. But what about toys for boys? – yes back in the day toys were designed with a particular market in mind. In 1964 Hasbro, in an effort to compete with Matel’s Barbie came up with GI JOE. The soldier was introduced as an “action figure”, not a doll.

Collectors today design elaborate dioramas to display custom GI Joe and other similar action figures.

Government Issue Joe was a huge success! The name came from the 1945 film: The Story of G.I. JOE. (you might find it on youtube with a search 🙂

The action figure carries a patent for its 21 point articulation. It is also copyrighted because of the scar across Joe’s right cheek. This unique mark is what allows the action figure to be copyrighted, otherwise the human likeness isn’t eligible for copyright.

How to Celebrate:

Write letters to soldiers – Check out Operation Gratitude . com

Design your own ACTION FIGURE ( 3d printer) or repurpose an old action figure from yard sale.

Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store for another paper- action figure activity.

Build your own action figure activity available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop.

Come back again for another fun Homeschool Holiday to explore- because there is always something to learn!

With Love,

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