Fruitcake Toss Day – January 3

Perhaps the “holiday” aspect of fruitcake toss day was invented because so many people do not like fruitcake. Did you have the opportunity to make or buy fruitcake last week on FRUITCAKE DAY? You need that fruitcake for today so you can toss it !!!

That’s the whole point behind Fruitcake Toss Day – to throw your fruitcake.

One of the largest fruitcake tossing events is held each year in Manitou Springs Colorado. If you can’t attend their celebration, or one in your area, why not host one of your own with your family, class or co-op?

There are some great activities you can do to make your toss an exciting event.

I would suggest if holding an event, you can have a tasting station. It’s fun to see people react to their first taste of fruit cake. You may want to have some milk on hand to wash down the fruitcake taste.

You can also have a catapult building station. Participants load a bit of fruitcake in their homemade catapult and see who can launch it farthest. Be sure to use equal size pieces (if you want to be very scientific, use a food scale).

You can even use a slingshot if you have one or want to make one of those.

See if you can hit a TARGET. Glue the printable I created for you FREE to a box and place it on a table for the competition. To avoid the target getting ruined quickly you can place it in a page protector. Otherwise, just print several copies to have on hand.

The Target is available in our Curriculum Club Exclusive Content area.

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Another great activity is the “traditional” distance throw. Simply cut a chunk of fruitcake, and see how far it goes.

Our family did the distance throw. We laid out a measuring tape along the front lawn as a reference for each toss. The “Bugs” had to see where their piece landed and record it on their data collection sheet.

Lauren launches her fruitcake first. I used the computer to circle it on the picture so it can be seen “flying” through the air.
Megan, ever observant, used what she saw happen with Lauren’s fruitcake to her advantage and tossed next.
Douglas may be small, but his toss was mighty!
This was our Fruitcake Toss 2010

There is plenty of math in this holiday!

After you throw your piece:

*convert the number of feet into inches (1 foot = 12 inches).

*Graph the distance the fruitcake is tossed for each family member. My Fruitcake Fun Bundle includes this graph you can use.

*Throw the pieces several times and calculate the average distance.

(Math refresher if you need it: the average is found by adding up the numbers from each toss and dividing by the number of times you tossed. For example, Toss 1 = 24 inches , Toss 2 = 55 inches , Toss 3 = 17 inches , Toss 4 = 87 inches and Toss 5 = 10 inches . Now find the sum of the numbers: 24 + 55 + 17 + 87 + 10 = 193. The fruitcake was thrown 5 times, so divide by 5 and the average is 38.6 inches. )

Who threw the farthest?

Who threw without breaking their piece?

Best 2 out of 3?

Let younger learners use a calculator – that is a very important skill and not at all cheating!

Whatever you decide don’t forget to recognize your participants. The Fruitcake Fun Packet includes a set of 5 awards for you to use. The awards included are:

Fruitcake Tossing Champ, Best Average Distance, Throwing Fruitcake the Farthest, Hitting Fruitcake Target, and a blank for your creative idea.

If you are interested in The Fruitcake Fun Activity Pack – It is available in My Teachers Pay Teachers store:

I hope you’ll join us next time for another fun holiday.

I hope Fruitcake Toss Day is filled with FUN for you and your learners!

I hope to see you next time for another fun Homeschool Holiday to explore- because there is always something to learn!

With Love,

“Mrs. Crabtree”

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