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Hi – I’m Christy – or you might know me as Mrs. Crabtree, that’s my Homeschool Teacher name. When I was a full-time homeschool mom we had so much fun with my unique holiday of the day activities! My kids were fascinated to learn that every day was a holiday. They asked me over and over: What is today’s holiday??? Fast forward to 2019 when a fluke of circumstance has me back at home full time. My kids are now all in college, not exactly interested in studying Florence Nightingale Day

I know it’s time to whip up more of those awesome holiday of the day activities and help other homeschool moms and teacher’s just like me.

Welcome to Homeschool Holiday a website dedicated to exploring the Holiday of the Day for homeschoolers, teachers and families. This site is truly for anyone in education who wants easy, fun curriculum to spice up the mundane day to day doldrums. Explore exciting holidays like Fruitcake Toss Day, how to write your name in Morse Code and even Halloween; We have you covered!

Perhaps you find yourself wondering: What is today’s holiday? – Well, Homeschool Holiday has your answer! This site is a labor of love and will grow and grow. Is there a Holiday of the Day you would like to see featured? Contact Us and we will do our best to make it happen! We are glad you are here and hope you enjoy learning and celebrating in your home, classroom, car…wherever you are!


Although our name is “Homeschool” Holiday – let’s be real…Holiday of the day activities are for everyone; Home Educators, Teachers, and Parents who want to supplement their child’s education. There is no WRONG way to educate as long as it is the RIGHT fit for your family! Here are some ideas for how you can use the Holiday of the Day in your home or classroom – you can even use them if you are a car- schooler.  (Yes that’s a thing!)

I look forward to sharing this journey with you and providing ready-to-go products that inspire a love of learning in your home and classroom. 




My three kids working on their holiday of the day activities during our homeschool years!

The Holiday of the Day can be one of your daily “Subjects” or it can be your entire curriculum depending on the age (s) of your children. Complete all the suggested activities to fill the majority of your day, or pick just one to highlight.

using holiday of the day activities in the classroom is easy with our resources.

Use the Holiday of the Day as morning work, or “What to do When I’m Done” activities. Depending on your standards, the holiday of the day can also easily be incorporated into many language arts, history, and science curriculum standards. While specific standards are not addressed, each activity is made to be academically rigorous and engaging.

Parents can use holiday of the day activities to supplement their children's school work.

When using the holiday of the day as parents, it’s easy to choose 1 or 2 holidays a week. You can celebrate together on a quiet evening or over the weekend. You can complete the holiday of the day activities as close to the actual day a possible, but there are no real rules… just celebrate and learn!

Finding Holiday of the Day Activities

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Want to know exactly what is today’s Holiday? Be sure to check out our Holiday of the Day Calendar! You can find out what the holiday of the day is today, and even what the holiday of the day is tomorrow!

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