Field Trip!

It wasn’t to egypt, or to any egyptian related place… but it was a great educational day none the less! I had the pleasure of helping my niece with her 4th grade mission project. Here in California the standard 4th grade history course of study is California History – and the Callifornia Missions are a huge part of that! So today the GBA visited Mission San Juan Capistrano.
Here are a few highlights:

All the kids in front of a statue of Fr. Serra and an indian child. Douglas thinks he is silly!

Posing in front of one of the many fountains! Again – Douglas thinks he is funny!

Look at these Indians – Now Lauren is funny!

Here is my Niece Gabby making all of us some acorn mash – I’m all about the hand’s on learning ya know!

A fun family picture at the end of the day!

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