Egyptians Loved their Pets!

And so do we here at the Gandara Bug Academy… so we are asking for your help! We have been studying what life was like in Ancient Egypt and discussing The different kinds of pets… so we are doing a survey… if you could please reply to this post listing the type of pets your family enjoys – all pets from the exotic to the ordinary. We will compile a graph and post it later next week to see what is the most “popular” pet!
Oh, and that is the Goddess Baset
– She was seen as a protector of cats and those who cared for them.

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  1. From the Blackmore home, reside two lovely pit bull dogs; Molly and Rooster. Molly is 3 years old, and Rooster is 13 years old. Did you know that for every \”dog\” year, it represents 7 \”people\” years? That would make Molly 7×3=21, and Rooster 7×13 = 91!

  2. Dear Mrs. Crabtree and resident bugs:The Helms have pretty much run a zoo! Currently residing:1 chocolate lab, Toby1 Jack Russell, Russell1 White Schnauzer, Baxter1 BLACK CAT, Lucifer ( lives up to his name, that\’s for sure!) Would be the Pharoah of Egypt if possible! Gone on to that Great Pyramid in the Sky:1 pot-bellied pig, Wilbur1 iguana, Liz2 guinea pigsNumerous miniature frogs3 cockatiels, Shadrach, Meshach, and AbednegoThis does not include the 5 boys! ;0)

  3. In the Scott household resides one very large dog J.D.,however he doesn\’t think he\’s a dog. We also have several\”chipmunks\” aka squirrels and one very stinky cat who have adopted us.

  4. Let\’s see, we have…1 Great Dane2 Cats1 Bearded Dragon2 Weasels1 CockatielI can\’t wait to see the graph all the bugs come up with!

  5. 2 dogs…and we are about to inherit 2 turtles as soon as we go to the lake! Can\’t wait to see the graph!!

  6. We have two little dog's (Mojo & Dutch) and Grandpa Warriner that live's right next door has 7 cats, and A million and One Chickens. Ok not that many put it sure looks like it. Big Hugs~ And good luck with the charts.

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