Douglas Gets Glasses

Today was a wonderful day at the Gandara Bug Academy. Douglas got glasses! My children are not ordinary children – Douglas was actually SUPER EXCITED and Lauren and Megan are pouting because they don’t have glasses!
Here is Douglas getting fitted:

Looking in the Mirror

Handsome Boy!

I have noticed for awhile that Douglas favors one eye over the other – I was hoping it might correct itself. (We mothers call that denial).
But I could ignore no longer when Douglas said to me: I poked my eye, and it was my good eye too! That meant the problem was noticable to Douglas. So I called the Wal Mart Vision center and off we went. The glasses were here in just 24 hours – record time according to all the clerks at the Vision Center. Now Mommy and Douglas have to add cleaning glasses to our chore chart!

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  1. My oldest just got glasses and my daughter was disappointed and left pouting too. She wanted me to order her non-prescription glasses at $100 for the frames so she could be fashionable-NOT! Douglas looks cute in them! Shame on you Christy for being in denial 🙂 Love ya anyhow!

  2. He looks so cute in his glasses. Bailee\’s eyes started crossing when she was 10 months old and I thought it was \”cute\” until she didn\’t stop. After corrective surgery (which is pretty quick and painless…except for the EYEBALL stitches!!), patching, bi-focals, … she is now in just \”regular\” glasses for being far-sighted. They say the vision stablizes around 7-8yo, so it is good to get it taken care of before then so that it can be reversible. Trust me, Bailee is almost 13 and we have been dealing with it for 12 years!! Ever try to keep glasses on a 1yo???

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