Create your Own Fairy Tale!

National Tell a Fairy Tale day is February 26th. You can easily join the ranks of famous authors with our easy story telling tin! Coming up with ideas for stories is always the hard part, but when you have this story telling tin, the ideas will be chosen for you at random! Just use this fairy tale tin tutorial and you’ll be telling tales in no time at all!

Gather Your Supplies:

  • An empty tin (I used a mint tin)
  • Double sided paper (or 2 sheets that complement one another)
  • washi tape
  • scissors
  • mod podge
  • pencil
  • paint brush
  • various charms, buttons and small trinkets (see picture for ideas)

Create the Story Tin:

To create the story tin you will need to trace the tin onto your patterned paper. Fold the paper in half, allowing you to cut out 2 paper outlines at once.

The first outline will go inside the lid of the tin and should be the “complementary” side of the paper. Place the paper inside and trim to fit. Apply Mod podge to adhere to the tin AND to the top to seal. Do not close the tin until the mod podge has completely dried. (Usually 2 – 4 hours)

Your second piece is slightly bigger than the tin (usually, depending on how you traced and cut). This is GREAT! Put Mod podge onto the *wrong* side of the paper, then slide it onto the tin, allowing the paper to hang over the edges. You will trim the excess after the mod podge has completely dried.

Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the top of the tin,

When the Mod Podge has completely dried, carefully trim the edges of the lid. You can use a sanding block (or a thick nail file) to smooth the edges if desired. Use the washi tape around the outside edge to hide the remaining portion of the lid and to seal the paper to the tin.

Now you are ready to put the story telling elements into your tin. You can put as many as 20 charms into the tin. I like to add to mine seasonally.

Ideas for using the Story Telling Tin

To use your story telling tin simply choose 5 items from the tin with your eyes closed and begin your story with: Once upon a time!

Because the tin is compact in size it makes a great activity while waiting for appointments, for food to arrive at restaurants, or while driving to and from errands! It’s a great alternative to “screen time” anytime. You can record stories in writing or on video if you choose to document the activity. You have a different story each time.

If you are anything like us – you will find yourself seeing items in the store and getting them to add to your story tin! This is wonderful – because story tins make GREAT GIFTS! Keep an extra on hand to give away to the family that sees you using yours as a Random act of Kindness! You can also share this fairy tale tin tutorial with your friends!

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