Cherished Friends

Growing up “Baby” was my best friend. I could tell him anything. He never judged me, and was always supportive. My mom joked that she was going to have the florist incorporate Baby into my wedding bouquet. There was no need, he went with us on our honeymoon.

Multiple Buddies made life easier

I didn’t exactly “force” my children to have a special buddy, but knowing the trauma of misplacing baby – let’s just say I was prepared for them to have special buddies.

My oldest was showered with every animal under the sun shortly after birth. Somehow she managed to get a cow down off the edge of her crib. When I figured out she had taken to him, I quickly secured ” quintuplets”. A bit excessive in hind site, but it worked. Bulloney as he came to be called, was easy to swap out at nap time and launder. Once he was forgotten at the babysitters…but I said he was in the back of the truck in the back pack. Daddy met us at home, got the back pack out of the back – and low and behold – Bulloney appeared. That was one cryptic phone call.

My middle we presented with triplet ducks, and being the easy going child, she just accepted them. Not all three at once mind you… the same routine of bait and switch went on for years. Eventually kids are observant and the slightest details GET NOTICED – but by then the need for secrecy was up and a pile of cows and ducks remained on the girls’ beds.

Third child made his own decisions

My son, and the youngest did not want anything to do with the frogs we carefully picked out for his buddy. In fact to this day they appear brand new. Instead he swiped a stuffed Orca, Shamu the whale we got for Megan at Sea World a few months earlier and would not let go. Megan being the easy going child was fine with it. Shamu became – Baboo and the struggle of having a child with only ONE buddy became very real.

Baboo, like his “namesake” Shamu the Orca liked to jump and one day jumped right out of the truck while we were getting the three bugs strapped into car seats. He was very quiet, and since it was a parking lot, we were not in the “splash zone”.

When we got home, Douglas cried because Baboo was gone. Mommy panicked as if Douglas himself was gone as well. Back to the store we went – and Thank the heavens someone had put Baboo up onto a light post where we could see him easily! This prompted Daddy to invent Buddy seatbelts. Now everyone got buckled in the car (and the strollers!)

Baboo is much more worn than the cows or the ducks, because he did not rotate. He did however spark a collection of Orca stuffed animals to beat all collections. Baboo became Big Baboo, when a smaller version was added. We have Medium Baboo as well as tiny and Humongous Baboo. After that I’m not sure they get names any more. Just last weekend I picked one up I found in Michaels. My Husband said… “You know he’s 16 right? I don’t think he wants that. “

This is Orville (his tag had a name, he got lucky.) He has been sitting on my son’s desk for a week. I don’t think he -minded- getting an additional orca from his mom, even if they don’t all live on his bed any longer!

National Shamu the Whale Day

Today happens to be National Shamu the Whale Day. It’s purpose is to raise awareness for Orca whales. Here at the Happy Hive we love our little pod of orca whales.

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