Change of Grade Day 2009

The “Change of Grade Day” is what we affectionately call the first day of school. Because we school all year, we don’t promote to the next grade when “summer vacation” begins. This post was originally written in 2009 when I was using the blogger platform to simply record my memories to keep my family and friends involved in our homeschool journey.

Happy Labor Day everyone! Today is the Change of Grade Day 2009 here at the Gandara Bug Academy. Before you go getting all hot and bothered about today being a holiday and all… we decided to celebrate our first day of school on a day Daddy could join us – and Daddy has today off because of the holiday – making it a perfect first day of school!

Special Breakfast for the First Day of School

Breakfast is special on the first day… Alphabits

M for Megan


L for Lauren

And D for Douglas


Even Buloney got into the spelling action this morning:

The Back to School Fairy Delivers gifts!

After Breakfast I sent the bugs to shower and get dressed… While they got ready the “Back to School Fairy” paid them a visit… well apparently there is no room in the world for a school supply fairy – because Lauren informed me she knows I get them all their school supplies lol.
The highlight was new backpacks this year… everyone got their favorite:


Lauren = Hannah Montana


Megan = Camp Rock



Douglas = Ben 10


Here are the bugs discovering what’s inside

Walking to school!

It is a tradition to walk to school on the first day… so here we go!


Notice Daddy in the background… he has the door to the “bus” open for a surprise trip!

Here are the bugs loaded on the bus… buddies and all!

Change of Grade Day Field Trip

We drove up to a local apple orchard – Los Rios Rancho for a First Day Field Trip!

Daddy and the bugs along the boardwalk trail.

Here is our Change of Grade 2009 day picture.

Douglas Grade 1, Megan Grade 2, Lauren Grade 3


Daddy pointing out the “wild” blackberries.


Mrs. Crabtree and her Students

The bugs took a workshop (that we just happened to luck out and discover!) on Animal adaptations and their senses. After Douglas showed the teachers his super-speed (he is a superhero you know) the bugs got to listen, touch, and learn all about local animals and their adaptations. The perfect classroom!

I could not have asked for a better  Change of Grade Day!  I know we will have lots of learning going on this year… our first adventure is the Amazon Rain Forest… stay tuned for more adventures with the GBA – I promise to be a better blogger!

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