Celebrating International Fairy Day

June 24th we celebrate International Fairy Day…. you may be imagining pretty creatures fluttering around in glittery dresses with wands and magic… and you’re not wrong, but fairies have a rich history and they are more than just winged creatures.

History of Fairies

Fairies are creatures of legends – they are mythical creatures. We find their beginnings in European folklore. Stories of fairies were passed down through traditional beliefs, customs, and stories. We don’t know if fairies are real. I like to believe they are.

image of a fairy sitting in the forest with the text: ARE FAIRIES REAL?
No one knows for sure but the magical things that happen in nature sure could be the result of Fairy Magic!

The most popular view of fairies is as magical creatures, like the tooth fairy (She is so popular there are 2 days set aside to celebrate her – February 28th and August 22) and Tinkerbell. However, The land of the Fairies contains fairies, gnomes, whisps, and dwarfs.

In Germany fairies or dwarfs are known to have lived in mines. They were called Knockers. These fairies would “knock” to warn the miners of pending cave-ins and danger. That’s why they got the name = Knockers!

a garden gnome in the forest with a lantern. The text reads: Dwarves that lived in caves were known as knockers. They warned miners of cave-ins.
Did you know Dwarves belonged to the Fairy World?

The Gnomes we are familiar with, that often wear red hats, are designed after creatures from the far north. (Santa’s elves perhaps???) They spent their time living near the homes of humans which they would sometimes help out!

Celebrating International Fairy Day

Fairies have found their way into literature, movies, and artwork. Over the Years they have even found their way into our Gardens! Celebrating International Fairy Day is an easy thing to do.

It is a great day to read a fairy tale, watch a movie starring fairies or honor them with a garden playground in your yard. Don’t forget the family of dwarfs and gnomes too!

If you are looking for a QUICK activity that is FUN for the whole family – Try Our push pin poke art patterns.

display of 7 different push pin poke art patterns- fairy on mushroom, unicorn, dragon, dwarf, mushroom house, castle and flying fairy.
These push-pin poke art patterns are fun for kids and Adults! Visit the Homeschoolholiday Shop to purchase your complete set of 10 patterns.

Pin Art is not only FUN it is designed to help children develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skills involve the improved use of the small muscles which control the hand, fingers, and thumb. In developing these skills, learners are able to further their writing,  buttoning, and zippering tasks.

However, fine motor skills do not end with preschoolers! They continue to be needed for music, handwriting, computer work, and more. Even playing video games helps our learners develop fine motor skills.

Using Pin Poke Art is Easy

Give each learner a push pin so they are easy to grasp. If that is too small a long nail is also a good option! Scrapbook /craft stores / Amazon sell tools that can be used as well if your learners really take to it or you have any students with special needs. They may be called piercing tools or clay needle tools.

Patterns from the Happy Hive use little dots where learners should poke so as not to get too close to one another. After all the holes are poked the construction paper page can hang in a well-lit window!

Once you begin making these you will be addicted!

Poke art is fast and fun. It is something learners of all ages can do.

cover image for fairy themed push pin poke art patterns.
Visit the Homeschool Holiday shop or your favorite teacher marketplace to purchase these adorable poke art patterns!

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