Catching up with the GBA…

There has been a lot of learning going on this month at the GBA, just not a lot of blogging! Forgive my lapse!

Here is a quick summary of our major events:
Feb 3rd – Blah Buster Day… we celebrated with a trip to the park!

February 6th – the first day in history Monopoly was sold… we chose to play the “Star Wars” version.

February 10 – we threw out all our plans and went on a field trip to the SNOW!

February 11 – What can you do with a White T Shirt Day

February 12, Lincoln’s log Cabins…Made with an empty milk carton, chocolate frosting, and pretzles. Take a good look at their faces… I think some bugs were eating and creating at the same time, lol. … can you say sugar rush!

Valentines Day , February 14th of course!

Feb 22 – George Washington’s Birthday…

For Washington’s birthday I gave the bugs an assignment… Write about what you would do if you were president of the USA, and then paint me a picture of yourself as president… here is what they came up with:

Lauren’s Essay: If I were President I would give the jobs money to give the people for payment. If I were President that is what I would do.

Megan’s Essay: If I were president I would lower prices and I would give food to the poor and I would like to make toys un – breakable. If I were president that’s what I would do.

Douglas’ Essay: If I were President of the United States I would give people jobs… the front of his picture says: I am the President at my desk. I am saying, “How are you doing today?”. I let the little kid in my desk. The Daddy is looking at the jobs.

We have some regular type things going on also…

Douglas is now reading. We are very proud for him!

The girls get dirty with Daddy reparing a leak in the kitchen plumbing…

Quackers joins a flock of penguins…

After a long break… mr puzzle is back. Douglas can’t get enough of them!

So that’s it – February in a nutshell… Get ready for March…lots more learning ahead!

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