Camp Crabtree

Each Summer the Big activity is to produce a play. Because we only have 1 car I can’t exactly put the kids in a theater group. So I created my own. Thankfully we have a big family and plenty of friends who look forward to CAMP CRABTREE each summer! 
This year’s production is the Wizard of OZ. I search online for a script with the appropriate number of characters based on how many kids are participating and we go from there. I adapt the lines if needed, mostly adding humor. The older kids help make props, sets, programs, etc. I have Help with costumes from the “dress up bin” or whatever the kids have in their closet. We never really spend a lot of money. The whole thing start to finish is a week, The parents drop the kids off Monday – Friday and the production is Friday Evening. 
 Megan was the narrator this year
 Douglas was the scarecrow
 Lauren was one of the Flying Monkeys
 Here is the whole cast together… Cousin YaYa even brought her dog to star a Toto! 
 We turned part of the sidewalk into the Yellow Brick Road
Socks that Lauren had in her drawer from the 99cent store got stuffed and red glitter shoes – you know who this represents! 

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