Butterfly Jungle at the San Diego Zoo

Zoo passes have provided us with learning beyond measure over the years. Megan LOVES butterflies and has done deep studies of them. She has butterfly nets at home, books, etc. When I saw the San Diego Zoo was having the “BUTTERFLY JUNGLE” this year I couldn’t resist. What better way to get up close and personal and GUARANTEE Megan the ability to study butterflies! 
When we arrived the most serendipitous thing happened  we ran into our cousins! An amazing time was had by all. My family thought it was a secret plan hatched by the two Aunts – but no- it was a secret plan of God that the families spend the day together – we really did not know the other was going to be there! 
When you homeschool be sure to take advantage of exhibits at your local Zoos, museums, etc. They provide learning opportunities no books can ever provide! And maybe you’ll run into a random family member too! 

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