Back to school time for so many….

For some it was last week, for others it is this week, for my homeschool it won’t be until after Labor Day – but it is Back to School Season!

I came across this picture the other day while working on another project.

I have always cherished
this picture. The Bugs are “Walking” to school.

Sometimes when you homeschool you don’t want anything to do with “school” things, and then
some people do! 

Our family embraces some of the traditional, stereotypical school stuff. Backpacks for example.
You really don’t need the expense especially if you are surviving on one income. But on the other
hand, the joy of picking out a backpack is priceless indeed.

We managed in these one income years to make the backpacks last a few years. In fact I’m fairly
certain my now 16 year old bug has his Ben 10 backpack!

They experience far less wear and tear by NOT going to school every day. 

Another thing the kids wanted to do was “walk to school”. What an awesome concept!
We put on our backpacks, or sometimes took the buddies in their strollers,
and off we went around the block. We had a community mail box, so I would
get the mail from the day before and its even exercise! 

What “school” activities do you incorporate into your homeschool? Fell free to comment!

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