Avast Me Harties – ye want ta be learning about this day!

Arrg! Ahoy there! Today we celebrate one O’ the finest days in the land! It be:

Talk like a Pirate day!

Just Two Friends

This fun holiday has very humble roots. It stems from the idea of two friends who were playing racquetball together and started bantering back and forth like Pirates. They thought it would be fun if there was a holiday specifically devoted to talking like pirates, because talking like pirates makes everything fun. John Baur and Mark Summers came up with September 19th, 1995 as the day! They immediately launched their campaign… I mean they just talked like Pirates on that day for a few years with their friends…

Calling in expert help

Finally in 2002 the two men emailed Pulitzer Prize* winning newspaper columnist Dave Barry of the Miami Herald and told them all about their holiday. Surprisingly Mr. Barry emailed back!

*The Pulitzer Prize is an award for achievements in newspaper, magazine and online journalism, literature and musical composition within the United States

The rest as they say is history… with the promotional support of Dave Barry, the holiday began to take off… marking September 19th 2002 the official beginnings of Talk like a Pirate Day.

How to Celebrate

Studying Pirates offers a rich experience and they have an extensive Vocabulary to boot! Why not take a break from the ordinary and do something Pun. – I mean fun!

Pirate Puns is available for $2.00 and includes a PowerPoint presentation (Google slides also) and companion worksheet. Little learners will be experts when your lesson washes up on shore!

This great resource tales learners through how puns are formed, then uses Pirate themed puns to fully illustrate their use. Learners follow along on the Companion worksheet noting the key terms and analyzing how the pun is “punny”!

Another fun thing to do is to use a Pirate Translator like THIS ONE to see what your everyday conversations would sound like if you were a Pirate. Use it to send a text or an email to family and friends.

Looking for simply FUN things to so… why not enjoy the Pirate Reading Room and Fortune Teller Activity! In this curriculum, Learners listen to as many or as few stories as you want them to. The read alouds originated on you tube, and have been routed through SAFE YOU TUBE so there are no ads, or “next videos” for young learners to click. The PDF contains links or QR codes the learner can scan with their tablet or phone.

Plenty of FUN for your little pirates in this Activity Pack! $1.50 on the Amped Up Learning Marketplace.

If you really want to get your scurvy dog talking like a Pirate – try the Pirate Vocabulary and Parts of Speech Review Activity!

Just $1.25 for 21 Pirate themed Vocabulary Words. You Can talk like a Pirate! Available on the Amped Up Learning Marketplace.

Review the 8 parts of speech and then complete a word study on 21 different Pirate words. There are even a few Prepositions! You have complete control over how many words you want learners to dig deep and explore, but definitions and part of speech are provided for all 21. They have to use in a sentence, provide synonyms, antonyms, draw a picture, and more to show understanding!

If you LOVE all three of our Pirate Activities they are available in a money Saving Bundle. Mix and match the activities for an all around swashbuckling great day!

Purchase the BUNDLE on the Amped Up Learning Marketplace for $3.80 – that’s 20% off the individual prices.

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