April Holiday Highlights

When I was in elementary school we did a paper plate craft. I absolutely LOVED it. My teacher had the bulletin board titled: March Comes in Like a Lion and Goes out Like a Lamb. Half the class made lions and the other half made lambs.

I honestly had no idea what it meant, just that I got to be creative! 

As an adult I appreciate the 50/50 split of Winter and Spring March gives us that the saying represents – I also recognize that what children remember MOST are the activities that are FUN! That’s why as both a teacher and a homeschool parent I did my best to make the learning as fun as I could.

 Spring has sprung as far as the calendar is concerned… Spring Break imminent or actually being enjoyed for educators everywhere. This season may not have the mainstream holidays  the fall has, but there are some fantastic reasons to celebrate. 

I hope you will check them out and weave them into your lessons for some memory making! 

Be sure to download the April calendar from our Calendar of Holidays Page and keep it as a handy reminder!  

April Fools day is a great opportunity to get the month started with a bang. You can download a word search sure to do the trick in our teachers pay teachers store.

April 1st is also National one cent day. In our fast paced, digital world, we can easily overlook the value of this simple coin. Our Copywork Quotes highlight the penny in a unique light and help this holiday shine a little brighter. 

April Is National Poetry Month. Writing poetry tends to be intimidating to kids. To make it easier, I have a step by step guide with examples and templates for 7 different poetry styles. You can do them all together or spread them out throughout the month! 

Things are opening up more and more across the United States. Virtual Field trips are exciting and have filled a need, but it will be nice to get back to in person trips. Zoo Lovers Day is April 8th. If you are not quite ready to make a trip to the Zoo and would like to explore some fun facts all about Zoos be sure to check out our Zoo Facts mystery Picture self checking activity. 

You won’t see a Unicorn in the Zoo, But National Unicorn Day is April 9th and you can have your learners make their own cute unicorn with our $1.00 Paper Plate Craft. The craft comes with both color and color your own patterns. 

Have you subscribed to our YouTube Channel yet? this is where you will find our education teaser videos as well as FULL lesson videos you can use in your class. Check out the teaser trailer for the Patriots’ Day resource we have for the Battle of Lexington and Concord! 

Patriots’ Day is celebrated in many areas of the United States the third Monday of April. 

New videos for our bestselling products are being added regularly. These videos are designed to help you use Homeschool Holiday products more efficiently. As a teacher or homeschool parent you can watch the video and see the vision behind the lesson. You can use it with learners – or just steal all my jokes and teach the lesson yourself! 

Our next release will be for Idioms from Shakespeare. The resource itself is available now and the Teaser Trailer is posted. The full Mrs. Crabtree instructional video is in production. The resource will be updates for FREE when the video is added. The price is currently $2.00 and will go up when the instructional video is added, so grab yours today! 

 I think my favorite April Holiday is National Superhero day! This holiday was started in 1995 by a group if interns at Marvel. When I was teaching full time my classroom had a superhero theme and I wore a superhero shirt almost everyday. I even had Superhero dress shirts I wore on Fridays when our school attended Mass. The last ID badge I had, I convinced the young photographer to list my name as Wonder Woman. It was GREAT! I often received gifts such as those shown here of paper cuffs and tiara. You bet I wore them. I rocked those suckers. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to transform into a superhero from time to time! April 28th is National Superhero Day and the Activity pack from Homeschool Holiday Has masks and cuffs and plenty of fun filled worksheets for the heroes in your life. 

This Month’s Subscriber Freebie is designed to help you celebrate Big Word Day, April 21st, but it honestly just a fun activity we used in our homeschool and classroom each week. I just posted a word of the day or week and learners completed the related worksheet as morning work. We discussed the word and tried to use it as many times in the day as we could. This, depending on the word, can be quite entertaining!

This FREE resource comes with 200 words suitable for grades 3 – 6 but are a good review for older learners and certainly don’t hurt younger learners to listen to!

You can sign up for access to the Curriculum Club HERE and this will allow you to download the Vocabulary Freebie (and more!)

We hope These April Holidays add some Celebration into your home or classroom. Be sure to follow the Homeschool Holiday Blog for specific posts regarding each holiday! Simply use the : Subscribe to Blog via Email form and every post will be delivered to your inbox! This is not our “Newsletter” , just a handy way to keep up with what’s going on in the Happy Hive!

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