April 8 – Zoo Lovers Day

Millions of people visit Zoos each year. The Oldest Zoo in the United States is said to be the Philadelphia Zoo, but New York city had what was called and animal menagerie long before, so the title of “first zoo” can be debated.

If you have the opportunity to visit a Zoo today is a GREAT day to do that. The San Diego Zoo has a variety of “Animal Cams” available for a Virtual Field trip! They also have stories and crafts sure to fill your Zoo Lovers Day with plenty of FUN!

You can also set up your own zoo at home using stuffed animals! Have your learners write facts on index cards and place them in front of each animal exhibit. The facts can vary by age, and be a team effort. For example: Our youngest would write: This is the Giraffe, Giraffe’s have really long necks. The older kids would write that A Giraffe has 7 vertebrae in their 6 foot neck. These facts can be from research or from memory – don’t make it complicated, make it FUN> If you don’t want to use facts – use opinions, or adjectives, or write a sentence describing the animal… the ideas of the indoor zoo are endless. Do you have an idea to add? Please leave a comment and share with the Happy Hive!

The Happy Hive has some favorite books to recommend for Zoo Lovers:

Reading Books about the topic is always a good idea. You can read both fiction and non-fiction books about the Zoo, or animals in general to celebrate today’s Holiday.

The main reason for going to a zoo is to see the animals, at least for our family. So how about celebrating today with researching your favorite animal? Below is an EASY organizer for an Animal report.

Full Project available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers

We also have an animated power point presentation (don’t have power point? That’s ok – upload it into Google Slides!) that presents 10 fun statements about Zoos. Learners predict if the statements are True or False. The presentation contains QR codes to verify the facts and to aid in any additional research for curious learners!

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