April 6 – Church of Latter Day Saints

April 6, 1830 is when The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized. The Prophet Joseph Smith was divinely authorized to reestablish the Church of Christ on this day.

In 1823, Joseph Smith reported he was visited by an angel named Moroni, who told him of an ancient record containing God’s dealings with the former inhabitants of the American continent. In 1827, Joseph was able to obtain this record. It was said to be inscribed on thin golden plates. Mr. Smith was able to translate its words by the “gift of God.”  The result was the Book of Mormon. It was published in March of 1830. On April 6, 1830, Joseph Smith organized The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and became its first president.

Learning about World Religions is an important part of a well rounded experience. Today is a great opportunity for sharing what you know about your religion if you happen to be a member of the Latter Day Saints or finding out more if you are not!

Use this organizer to find out more about the Church of the Latter Day Saints

The QR codes for this activity are aimed more for middle school and high school students. The websites are fact based, and not meant to sway you one way or another, but instead to provide you with an opportunity to learn something new.

If you are looking for something for younger kids you might like:

This book tells the story of Joseph Smith, and the beginning of the Church. In this book, children can learn about the prophets assotiated with the Mormon faith. Filled with interesting trivia, you are sure to learn a thing or two- hundred!

If you would like to use a day like today to springboard a study on world religions, I have created a set of organizers that have QR codes to help!

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You can learn about Christianity, Church of the Latter Day Saints, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, And Judaism. The pack also includes a blank for you to include you own religion if desired.

We hope you were inspired to learn something new today or share your knowledge with others!

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