April 3 – National Find a Rainbow Day

The rainbow is a universal sign of hope! Finding one in the sky has special meaning in the Christian Religion. Not to mention the awesomeness behind the science of the rainbow.

Hoping to find a pot of gold under the rainbow?

Depending on the weather – the chances of actually FINDING a rainbow today might be hard. You can try to make your own rainbow if it happens to be sunny outside. Here’s how:

Grab a garden hose & be sure you are standing with the sun behind you. Hint: your shadow will be in front of you!

If you have a nozzle on the hose, use the setting MIST or FINE. Otherwise, you can put your thumb over the area where the water comes out. Turn the water on slowly. Your thumb should cause the water to “SPRAY” out.

Pretend to water the area slowly, turning your body. Watch for a rainbow to appear above the water spray.

It might take some practice – so stick with it!

If the weather is not conducive to going outside and making your own rainbow…how about a rainbow scavenger hunt? Find objects in the house for every color of the rainbow. You can use this FREE PRINTABLE to help you keep your items organized.

Use this worksheet to find items for every color of the rainbow.

You can also do a photo scavenger hunt for tweens and teens…challenge them to take pictures of themselves with items for each color of the rainbow!

Looking for more? Check out our complete activity pack.

Learn how light and water make a rainbow! This science reader has great pictures and easy to read, informative text! Some believe the path to Heaven is across the Rainbow Bridge. This adorable tale explores the special bod we have with our pets. Guide kids through a great science experiement! Use this prism to create your own rainbow by splitting white light into the colors of the rainbow. HOURS of fun! Works best when held in direct sunlight.

May the rainbows you find today bring you hope!

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With Love,

“Mrs. Crabtree”

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