April 28 – National Superhero Day

National Superhero day is quickly approaching. It reminds me of an conversation I had with my hero loving son. (We are actually a Hero Loving family) the conversation went something like this: While strolling through Disneyland, my son asked me what superpower I would like to have. As I munched on my popcorn, I told him I would like to have the power to remove calories from food so I could eat anything I wanted. We had after all, just passed by a churro cart and were rapidly approaching the Mickey shaped ice cream.

the blog author and her son, both wearing superhero t-shirts looking at the camera smiling. The text reads: What's your superpower.

Douglas sputtered and stammered and said – Nice Mom – real nice. That’s not even a power to help others, you’re just thinking about yourself! You need to focus on mankind…So I asked him – “Douglas what super power would you want?” At 14, Douglas was starting to put real thought into life, career, and family. I could see his gears turning.

According to Douglas, if he could CHOOSE he would want to make the best choice. Superheroes don’t actually get a choice. Someone like Aquaman is limited to his surroundings, his power is only good in his environment. Superman on the other hand can always fly, and The Flash always has super speed. A hero, according to Douglas, is also bound by a code of responsibility to use their power for good. Keeping all this in mind, Douglas said he would choose either super speed or super strength. He felt he could help the most people with those powers.

National Superhero Day Origins

In 1995 a group of employees at Marvel Comics created Super Hero day. The went out onto the streets and surveyed ordinary people, much like Douglas surveyed me. They asked people what they thought about super heroes and what super power they would like to have.

The Conversation in Disneyland was not the first time we explored super powers, nor do I think will it be the last. Upon further reflection, perhaps the ultimate superpower would be the ability to have whatever power I need at the time. There were times I wanted super-paper-grading powers when I was a classroom teacher. I could get so far behind I thought I would never catch up. Super Laundry folding powers are also a great option. Cooking powers? I still seem to be struggling in my choices between helping myself and serving mankind as Douglas says I should…Super Blogging powers! How about that one?

child in a cape with the sun behind them, Their arms are raised as if they are ready to fly. The text overlay reads: The surprising origins of National Superhero Day

Superheroes as role models

According to the website National Today . Com , the first ever publication containing a superhero was in 1935. The hero’s name was Phantom. Since then there have been many, many super hero characters to follow. Superheroes are inspiring and make excellent role models. I have always encouraged reading comics as “real” reading in both my home and classroom. There are characters of every kind, even characters with disabilities! Professor X is in a wheelchair, Echo is deaf, Daredevil is blind, and Moon Night suffers from what was once called Multiple Personality disorder. The world of comics and heroes has something for everyone.

Superheroes don’t only appear in comics and movies. We also encounter Super Heroes every day! I bet you could name a few! There are no limits to the type of Hero you honor today.

Superhero Day Activities

To celebrate National Superhero day the list of activities is only as limited as your imagination:

  • Create your own Super Hero – draw or tell all about their powers, back story, etc.
  • Honor the heroes in real life, perhaps a teacher, doctor, nurse, firefighter, police officer, the mayor, priest or minister! Anyone who goes above and beyond. Mom and Dad are often heroes! (Remember those super laundry powers! and Dads can fix most anything!) Make them a card, write a note, draw a picture – tell the person what makes them a Super Hero!
  • Watch your favorite super hero movie for fun, or complete this FREE movie guide:
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  • Dressing like a superhero can also be as easy a tying a towel or an old sheet on like a cape as well! Use an old shirt or bandanna to make a mask!
  • You can also dress the part of Superhero with our FANTASTIC DIY mask and wrist cuff printable as part of today’s GREAT Freebie! It also contains Printable templates for creating your own comic books. This is a sampler to our LARGER set of Superhero worksheets.
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Download your free superhero worksheets and celebrate superhero day!

Special Hero Bonus!

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