April 28 – National Super Hero Day

Wonder Woman Clip Art by Melonheadz Illustrating

In 1995 a group of employees at Marvel Comics created Super Hero day. They asked people what they thought about super heroes and what super power they would like to have.

In our home that is a conversation we have had many, many times… What super power would you like to have? There were times I wanted super-paper-grading powers when I was a classroom teacher and I was so far behind I thought I would never catch up. Or how about Super Laundry folding powers? Or cooking powers? My son informs me those aren’t what the question means, and those powers are selfish because they only help me, not mankind… Sigh! I thought I was onto something! …Super Blogging powers! How about that one?

According to the website National Today . Com , the first ever publication containing a superhero was in 1935. The hero’s name was Phantom. Since then there have been many, many super hero characters to follow.

Superheroes don’t only appear in comics and movies. We also encounter Super Heroes every day! I bet you could name a few! There are no limits to the type of Hero you honor today.

To celebrate today the list of activities is only as limited as your imagination:

Create your own Super Hero – draw or tell all about their powers, back story, etc.

Honor the heroes in real life, perhaps a teacher, doctor, nurse, firefighter, police officer, the mayor, priest or minister! Anyone who goes above and beyond. Mom and Dad are often heroes! (Remember those super laundry powers! and Dads can fix most anything!) Make them a card, write a note, draw a picture – tell the person what makes them a Super Hero!

Watch your favorite super hero movie for fun, or complete this FREE movie guide:

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