April 21 – Big Word Day

A voracious reader is bound to have a capacious vocabulary, but they might not be adept in spelling.

Today we celebrate the “BIG WORDS” – the synonyms that provide so much more descriptive meanings, yet we may not know how to say them!

Here at Homeschool Holiday, we believe there is always something to celebrate, and by celebrate – we mean learn! Attitude is everything, and with a positive attitude, you can accomplish so much in life. No matter where you are in your learning phase, there is always MORE to learn.

According to the website: DAILY WRITING TIPS . Com there are 171,476 words in the Oxford Dictionary. How would you like to carry that around! (you don’t have to, you can actually Rent it from Amazon – say, if you are a college student!) Those are only words we CURRENTLY use. There are also over 47,000 words considered obsolete and 9,500 words in that same dictionary as sub-entries. Holy-that’s-A-Lot-Of-Words-Batman!

For beginners, this 1,000 word dictionary is a great place to start:

Many Homeschoolers, my family included, consider the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary a classic, must have book.

Purchase the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary on Amazon

The 1828 dictionary is a coveted reference tool when studying the great works of our founding fathers, and the founding documents of the United States. The definitions of the words align with their use at the time they were written to increase clarity and understanding. Mr. Webster based his work on the King James Bible, therefore the words and their moral values are reflected of 19th century definitions.

If you are looking for an activity to challenge your “Big Word” making skills now is a GREAT time to begin a WORD OF THE DAY activity. If doing a Word of the day is too much, you can use a Word of the WEEK. 200 words will last you quite some time!

For this activity, learners use a dictionary, or online dictionary to identify the part of speech, synonyms, antonyms and definition for the word. The worksheet then asks them to define the word in their “own words” and to write a sentence. Finally there is room for a picture. Some of these items can be challenging, depending on the word. Guidance from a mentor is recommended. The words are suitable for learners in grades 3-6. You can easily use any words from your own curriculum with the worksheets year after year!

Scrabble is another great way for Learners to practice their vocabulary skills, and we just celebrated Scrabble Day on April 13th! You can use these easy Scrabble – like games for multiple ages without going full blown Scrabble, lol.

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