An unsolved mystery that dates back to the Romans…Who invented the Hamburger?

May 28th – National Hamburger Day

The world can not seem to agree on exactly WHO and exactly WHEN the Hamburger was invented…but they have become an icon of America to the tune of over 50 billion eaten a year by Americans alone! It’s a fascinating history for sure and if you are not hung up on the exacts and specifics – FUN to look at. One thing historians do agree on is that the Hamburger is named after the city in Germany – Hamburg. Other than that – it’s very hard to prove who and when the very first ground meat between buns was served!

Happy Hive Homeschool has put together a fun presentation chronicling the facts as we found them, including when fast food burger restaurants were founded. That timeline was very clear and, well, SURPRISING. I discovered McDonald’s was founded in “my backyard”, San Bernardino California. In fact, California seemed to be the birthplace for most fast food restaurants on the timeline. The first was a COMPLETE SURPRISE. – It’s all wrapped up in a fun PowerPoint you can use or print as a PDF. After discovering for your self – you can create a wall sized timeline and a few other activities in the curriculum. The kids will love it. Take a peek at the preview by downloading it below:

If you like what you see you can purchase the History of The Hamburger HERE:

One of the most appealing things about the Hamburger is that it is appetizing to everyone, even vegetarians have their plant-based version! Basic beef burgers have evolved into: Turkey burgers, Chicken Burgers, Emu Burgers, Buffalo Burgers…any form of ground meat really! And the toppings… The sky is the limit. You can make your burger any way that pleases your taste buds!

Celebrating the day is as easy as Apple Pie…. Serve up your favorite ground meat (or veggie) burger patty with plenty of topping options and have a make-your-own burger party.

There are even some really fun burger making games available on Amazon to play.

The Happy Hive has an adorable hamburger stacking craft you can make. This set of Curriculum is so versatile it can be an art project, and end of the year memory book or you can use it to accompany a literature unit. We call it: How Our Year Stacked Up.

HAMBURGER is a character in the story. Use the craft to Summarize the events or analyze text structure, etc.

The great thing about this curriculum pack is that the PowerPoint allows for full customization to your situation or you can use the convenient ready to print color, or color your own patterns. It also comes with JUMBO patterns so you can decorate a hallway or bulletin board. Or simply make a GIANT Burger as your craft! Check out the preview below:

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