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Create a Schoolwork Time Capsule

The school Year is winding down. It’s the end of the Happy Hive Homeschool – seriously! My last homeschooler is graduation in June and that’s a wrap for now. We’ll celebrate with a small family dinner, just as we did his older sisters. We do have a gift planned as well. The schoolwork time capsule. This isn’t something you can just whip up for this year, so if you need something NOW – you’ll have to check Amazon.  But if you have a young child just starting in school, or  in the lower elementary grades I encourage you to start the schoolwork time capsule. This unique graduation gift will be a hit, guaranteed! 

As the school year comes to a close, be it your homeschool or a school room, I bet you have collected a pile of work. Take a few minutes to sit down with each child and review their work. Ask them to pick 3 things they want to keep. Be sure their name and grade or age is on each of the items. Put the items in a box, and that’s it. I also recommend adding a school picture or family photo with the year on it. If you took any significant vacations pictures or brochures from the trip are a great addition. You don’t want to over fill the box as ideally it will have 10 – 12 years of memories. I may not have the Lego Revolutionary war scene- but you bet the pictures are in the box!

If you want to keep the years organized you can put each year in a zip top bag labeled inside the box. The extra large 2 gallon size works well for this. 

Store the box where you will remember and add to it each year. Do not show your child the work in the box until they graduate from High School! You may not add much in the high school years, but hopefully you’ll be able to add a few things like awards, sports photos, etc. 

I look forward to going through the box with Douglas – He knows it’s coming as both is sisters got one as well, But he doesn’t remember everything he chose to put in it. So there will be surprises in store. Above all, it is another way for us to spend time together as a family, making memories, reliving our homeschool years and CELEBRATING.

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