A Graduate

I really don’t like Graduation ceremonies. But this was my own child, I couldn’t exactly miss it. 

I’ve long ago come to terms with her decision to attend a real school. I laid my foundation.
I did my best. I taught her how to make decisions and be independent. What did I expect to

And in hindsight she excelled and thrived. But I knew, without a shadow of a doubt that I made
the right decision when my oldest bug said on her graduation day she was “so very happy
because she never thought she would get to graduate from a real school”.
Her face and the tone of voice were enough. I home schooled. She decided when the time
was right to take learning into her own hands. I think that is TRULY what homeschooling is all
about. It is not about controlling your child. It is not about what is best for ME, the mom. It is
about what is best for each individual child. (The girls went to school, and the boy remains
home, happy to be homeschooled.)

This weekend she will attend orientation for college. THANK GOD – and as my friend Bri says
(with no blasphemous intent) – ALL the baby Jesus’
– She is staying HOME! I can still influence her, educate her and guide her as she
grows and develops, because LEARNING NEVER ENDS
so I like to believe I’m still homeschooling my College Freshman.

Please don’t burst my bubble!

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