4 Legal options for Homeschooling in California

File The PSA

In California you can establish your own private school by filing the Private School Affidavit. You are responsible as the administrator for keeping all the legal documentation for your school, including Immunization records. (That does not mean your children must receive, or be up to date with their immunizations – only children who will be receiving classroom based instruction must have up to date records, or a permanent waiver)

There are subjects California says you “must” teach such as, reading, math, science and social studies/history, you do have the freedom to determine the topics within those subjects as well as when/how they will be taught.

The PSA by far gives a Homeschool the most freedom.

Join a PSP

Enroll your children in a Private School Independent study program, also called a Private School Satellite Program (PSP). The private school handles all the legal paperwork (including the Immunization records) and you are a teacher in the school.

Because you will be teaching you children at home, (an independent study program) and they will not be receiving classroom instruction updated records are not required.

The PSP may provide general support, curriculum packages, field trips, etc on top of the legal document services. Tuition contracts vary by school.

Happy Hive Education Consulting is A Private School Satellite Program that offers various levels of support to California homeschooling families.

Public School ISP/Charter

You can take advantage of the public school funding available through Independent study Programs and Charter Schools that offer homeschooling programs. Under these situations you are considered a Teacher’s aide, and assigned a credentialed teacher to oversee the state required curriculum. Each school varies on the level of enforcement of state regulations regarding curriculum, record keeping, and administrative requirements.

Many homeschooling families choose homeschooling for religious reasons, it should be noted, because the Public School ISP and Charter schools are indeed public schools, religious materials are not covered by the funding.

Many families choose this option when homeschooling for a temporary time period, such as a year or two.

Credentialed Teacher

If you as the parent, hold a valid California teaching credential you can homeschool using this option. You can also hire a credentialed teacher as a private tutor under this option. School must be conducted during the hours of 8am and 4pm for a minimum of 175 days a year. Children can only be schooled for the grades in which the credential is valid.