3 new Knights in the kingdom Gandara!

Here Ye! Hear ye! King Anthony of Gandara has appointed 3 new Knights into his service!

The ceremony was performed on December 2, 2008 in Castle Gandara.

Each Knight swore fealty to King Anthony and Queen Christy and swore to abide by the following code of chivalry: A Knight’s sword shall be used to defend the Church, protect damsles, orphans, the poor and especially buddies and critters. A Knight will serve his lord in battle with honor and bravery.

Each Knight was garbed in the finest velvet robe……and dubbed with a light saber!

Presenting Sir Douglas

Presenting Sir Megan

Presenting Sir Lauren
After the Dubbing Ceremony the Castle feasted on chicken, grean beans and soup.. Medieval Style on Bread Trenchers! We drank mugs of “ale” and had a GREAT time!

After the Feast the Knights were called to duty and had to fight the fierce dragon – Kodiak .

Never fear, peace has been restored to the lands… at lease until I ask the bugs to clean the playroom!

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